Meet the host

Chad Franks

A movie fan, a military man, and a lover of SoCal sports, Chad is passionate about making connections between film and culture. He sees movies as more than just an excuse to eat popcorn, but as a mirror of issues happening in society today.

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At The Resistance we’re focused on current events and how they’re portraying in film. The goal of the podcast is to discuss/review films and hit on how they are either still relevant in today’s political and social narratives or possibly how they have lost relevancy and are out of sync with our times. 

Who is this Chad guy?

Chad is both a big movie buff and political junkie and wanted to find a way to combine these passions. With regard to films, he is just a fan that enjoys watching and critiquing from the sidelines. But when it comes to politics, he has worked on several political campaigns, he has worked in Congress, and he has a military background.

These experiences have changed the lens through which he watches films and interacts with pop culture. The goal of this pod is to engage with people that watch movies through various lenses and go beyond basic film criticisms and observe how our current political and social climate can be informed by films from the past.  

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