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Issue #2 – World Ender: A Compact History of Comics

This one is a big one! There is so much history behind the creation of the comic book world we know today. We hope that you enjoyed the dive into the history, but know there is so much we didn’t have time to cover. There is tons of history about comics from Europe and Japan too! (stay tuned for those episodes in the future!)


Below we’ve curated some specific suggestions broken down by the era of comics. Yes those names are what comics nerds actually call those periods.


We also talked about how comic books are written, so here’s a link to a repository of comic book scripts. Scripts Archive – Comics Experience


Your homework for our next podcast is to read some Batman comics! If you are a first time Batman reader, we suggest you start with these:

Extra Credit

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Comic Book Eras & Samples

Pre-Golden Age Comics

Krazy Kat–classic-comics-graphic-novels.jpg

Little Nemo

Bayeux Tapestry (world’s oldest comic?):


Golden Age Comics (1938-1954)

Action Comics 1:

Detective Comics 27:

Whiz Comics 2:


Silver Age Comics (1956 – early 70s)

Amazing Fantasy 15:

Showcase 22:

X-men 1:


Bronze Age (early 70s – 1985)

The Amazing Spider-Man 121:

Giant Size X-Men 1:

Green Lantern/Green Arrow 1:


Modern Age (1985 – current)

Batman: Dark Knight Returns 1:

Miracle Man 1

Wolverine 1


For a smattering of old comics, check out The Reading Room