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Deep Fried and Loving It – How To Read Comics

In our followup episode to “Intro to Manga”, Nick and Jason talk about the strange, awkward, and beautiful stories of popular Manga titles: “Akira”, “Ode to Kirihito”, “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure”, and “Lone Wolf and Cub”. Join in as they discuss what themes totally hit home and others that surely get lost in translation. You’ll meet […]

Path of the Berserker – How To Read Comics

  Today’s HTRC picks up where the boys left off with Wolverine – Intro to Snikt. This being Jason’s favorite comic series, he helps walk Nick through some of Wolvie’s greatest “hits”: Wolverine by Chris Claremont (3:20)Weapon X (11:20)Wolverine #90 (19:35)Old Man Logan (28:29) Then Jason and Nick try to bring it all together (34:17) […]

Wolverine: Intro to Snikt – How To Read Comics

Nick and Jason begin their dive into Wolverine! This is Part One (or “Homework” episode) of a two-part series focusing on our short-tempered hero. Everything you need to know before jumping into the world of Wolverine. This week, Jason helps Nick navigate through Logan’s ever-changing timeline and makes reading recommendations based on other Wolverine pop-culture […]