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Ben Helms

After a few bands, lots of drum solos, a few guitar riffs, and hundreds of unpublished songs, Ben now makes his career mixing audio for film and video projects.

When it comes to finding the best album ever, his method is to cast a wide net. It’s gotta be in there somewhere.

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a new personal record

Long before Spotify, Tidal, Soudcloud, hell, even before Pandora, there were albums.

These pure, unblemished works of art came out of the artists’ mind, onto the tape, and into the ears of listeners exactly as the artist intended. The order of the tracks on the album was almost as important as the tracks themselves, and as we’ve turned from analog to digital, this art has been lost to time.

But that’s where Ben comes in!

He’s here to right those wrongs, get rid of singles and b-sides, and put the emphasis and importance back into the album.

During his mission around the globe interviewing people in-the-know, Ben will whittle down those top-100 lists you’ve seen floating around the interwebs and finally come up with the ultimate, empirical, uncontested: Best. Album. Ever.

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