Jason & Ben Helms


The Overthink was started in 2017 by The Brothers Helms. Already getting their podcast chops via Men Of Low Moral Fiber, they wanted more than just video games. They wanted to delve into topics like art, media, culture, and the like. A podcast that focused on a single topic each episode and dove as deeply as possible into that one thing, overthinking each possible aspect of it sounded like a blast!

They talked it out for many hours, and got a few friends, family, and acquaintances involved and it soon became a thing. After thinking of many terrible names, the light at the end of the tunnel appeared and as they’d overthought every possible aspect of this thing, it hit them (the name, not the train):


It was perfect. Oh yeah, it also helped that it wasn’t taken. 

It also gives everyone involved the excuse to overthink every possible aspect of their shows and discussions. We love obsessive, passionate people, and we value those who work here highly. If you have any interest in getting involved with the show, drop us a line!

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