Monthly Archives: March 2018

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me – What Exactly Am I Watching Here?

**A quick disclaimer from Jason and Dom on this episode: Hey everybody. This episode of What Exactly Am I Watching Here covers the Twin Peaks movie, Fire Walk with Me. Fire Walk with Me includes graphic depictions of incest, sexual assault, and murder. In our conversation, we discuss those themes. Just wanted to give you a heads up […]

Path of the Berserker – How To Read Comics

  Today’s HTRC picks up where the boys left off with Wolverine – Intro to Snikt. This being Jason’s favorite comic series, he helps walk Nick through some of Wolvie’s greatest “hits”: Wolverine by Chris Claremont (3:20)Weapon X (11:20)Wolverine #90 (19:35)Old Man Logan (28:29) Then Jason and Nick try to bring it all together (34:17) […]

You can’t handle the purge! – Shaken, Not Stirred

This is Shaken, Not Stirred, the show in which Heather B discusses the varying challenges related to “adulting”, speaking to the unconventional nuances that we don’t talk about openly, but always show up over a cocktail. Each episode aims to push against societal norms and challenge listeners to think outside of the box in the ways they think […]