Monthly Archives: February 2018

Crossover Episode – West Coast Bias

We didn’t want to leave our other sister show out of the fun, so we’re bringing you another crossover episode from The Overthink Podcast Network catalog! West Coast Bias is a show centered around sports (you guessed it) on the West Coast! Instead of the usual hot-taking sport talk radio however, WCB brings you stat-driven, research-laden conversations between […]

Rogue One – The Resistance Rewind

This month, Chad is joined by fellow Star Wars fan, Anthony Prince, who’s here to talk about Rogue One and it’s connection to current resistances built on hope.  They start things off with a brief history of Anthony’s personal ties to Star Wars (4:00), then get into what Rogue One says about our current cultural and political climate (10:15). They […]

Wolverine: Intro to Snikt – How To Read Comics

Nick and Jason begin their dive into Wolverine! This is Part One (or “Homework” episode) of a two-part series focusing on our short-tempered hero. Everything you need to know before jumping into the world of Wolverine. This week, Jason helps Nick navigate through Logan’s ever-changing timeline and makes reading recommendations based on other Wolverine pop-culture […]

Grim Fandango – Men Of Low Moral Fiber

In our first ever crossover episode, we’re featuring another member of The Overthink Podcast, Men Of Low Moral Fiber. They’re a podcast about retro video games, specifically those related to the LucasArts gaming company. They cover a different game every month, and this is their 23rd game, so check them out if you’re at all interested in old PC and […]